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This page was last updated on September 20, 2004



            My name is Caizhen Zeng, but my friends like to call me Judy.  I was from China, and I had been America around fives.  I was graduated from Lincoln High School at 2003.  Now I am studying in Kingsborough Community College, and this is my second semester in this college.  My major in this college is accounting, but English is also the important subject in my study.  I am an ESL student, and I am in ESL 91.  This class is helping me to prove my reading and writing, and help me to pass the CPA text.  I hope I can do my best in this class, and I can prove my English level.


This is my first essay to do in the class, please give me some comments.


She influential my life


            Friends.  Everybody has friends, and I believe that friends could be influential in their life, and the influence could be negative or positive.  Qing is my best friend.  She gives a lot of the positive changes in my life, and also she has been the most influential in my life.  Her influence is about her friendly temperament and her intelligent. 

            Qing had the friendly temperament when she was young.  I knew her in the children’s day care center.  At that time I didn’t like to talk and play with the other children, so I just sat in my seat, and looked out the window.  One day, Qing came to me, and in her hand had a beautiful doll.  She stood in front of me; later one she said softly:” do you like to play the doll with me?”  I looked at her; then I found out she has long, black hair, a pair of big eyes, and a friendly smile on her face.  When I looked her, I felt a special feeling, felt her so close and so friendly, but I didn’t say anything.  She sat in front of me, and tried to play the doll with me, and try to let me laugh.  Beginning at that day, I went to close Qing, and be friend with her.  We sat in the same table, played with doll, and sometimes play games with the classmates.  Her friendly temperament added some funs to my lone life.  I began to have the conversation with the others, and join within the whole class.  My life began to change at that time; loneliness changed to happiness.

            Days passed so fast, we no longer went to the same middle school, and in the same classroom.  I was so enjoy my school day, because I can with my best friend together everyday.  We walked to school every morning, and in the evening we walked home together; we looked like twins.  On the other way, school time is not my favor time.  Normally the middle school students had seven periods of class, and every period’s subject is different.  Every subject had homework everyday.  I didn’t like to do the homework, because it was too much, and too difficult for me.  Everyday, I had to spend a lot of time to do my homework, but sometimes, I really couldn’t finished all of my homework, so I just gave up to do some of it.  The next day when I went to school, the teacher checked the homework, and I didn’t finish it, the teacher was ask me to make up the homework at that day. 

            I felt so loss when I can’t finish all of my homework.  I know I am slow, but I didn’t know how to handle it.  At that time, Qing is liked a god, she saved me, and gave me a new life.  One evening, she went home with me, when we sat down, she looked at me seriously, and said:” I want to help you, I didn’t like to see you worry about finishing your homework.”  She stopped for a moment, “if you like, we can do our homework everyday after school in your house.”  I was so to sensation heard that, therefore I agreed with Qing’s idea.  Everyday after school, Qing went to my house to do the homework with me.  She taught me to do the homework and gave some practice for my homework.  She was very intelligent, because some information was not from the book, but she knew, and knew how to use her knowledge to do the homework.  Qing’s helped caused me to finish my homework everyday, and to promote my grade.

            Therefore, Qing was my best friend.  She was in China, and I am in America.  When I have a difficulty, I would remember she gave me that quote “brave all storms without fear of adversity; create for you a life of jollity.”  It means I can brave my difficulty without any fear, so I would create a beautiful life.  I really agree this quote, so when I have any difficulty, I would brave it out without any fears.  At the same time, when I remember that quote, I would remember Qing.  Her friendly smile is like sunlight, to light up my life, and change my life. 

            Qing has been the most influential in my life.  Because of her, I can brave out any problems.  Because of her, I can have that strong stamina to learn to live in America.  I like her, and she is an important person in my life.  She let me changed to be more perfect, and useful.